In September 1980 Questacon began as a project of The Australian National University in an unused space at Ainslie School in Canberra. It opened with 15 exhibits and was staffed entirely by volunteers.

Questacon is returning to where it all first began

For one special day The National Science and Techology Centre Questacon is taking over Ainslie School's hall!

The much-loved assembly and performance space will be filled with Questacon's Excited Particles show and fantastic Bytewise exhibition as part of September's School Fete and Open Day to celebrate this special historical relationship in the school's 90th year.

Do you remember Questacon at Ainslie School?!

Questacon would love to hear from volunteers, students, parents and teachers who experienced its early days at Ainslie School (1980-1988) in what is now the Ainslie Arts Centre.

You will have the opportunity to share your memories with the Questacon team in a special classroom 'recording studio' at the school's Fete and Open Day on 16 September.

Many thanks to those who have already shared some amazing memories about Questacon at Ainslie School on the school's Facebook page - August 2015 and April 2017.