Birthday blog

16. Sep, 2017

P&C President Nova Inkpen, Minister Shane Rattenbury, Fete Coordinator Michael Snape and Dept. Principal Catherine Dillon enjoying the Ainslie School fete today.

16. Sep, 2017

Despite the 'four seasons in one day' our 2017 Fete and Open Day was a wonderful event showcasing the amazing generosity and talent of the Ainslie community.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it the success it was - the final gross takings were just over $28,000!

16. Sep, 2017

To celebrate Questacon's special historical relationship with Ainslie school, the Excited Particles show and fantastic Bytewise exhibition set up in the school hall as part of the School Fete and Open Day.

8. Sep, 2017

Thank you to Jean-Philippe, Kit Devine and Robyn James for creating our spectacular Light Up Ainslie event.

Tara from Year 4 was feeling so proud and excited to see her 2016 Picasso-inspired watercolour painting lighting up Ainslie School.

11. Aug, 2017

Year 5 olden days #heritageweek